'Maine Has Let Us Down': Mother and Daughter Discuss Sensitive Subject

The mutilation of women must be stopped — 'What would you do if this was your child?' says a victim-turned-activist

HealthZette Staff

'Magnum P.I.' Is Returning to TV Without Tom Selleck's Mustache

CBS has yet another remake coming along, with young actor Jay Hernandez in the lead role first introduced in the '80s

Zachary Leeman

Distracted Driving Is 'More Than a Problem, It's an Epidemic'

'He was in our lane, his headlights were blinding me, and in spite of my training, I couldn't avoid what was about to happen'

Chris Woodward

Relax, Parents — The Safest Place for Your Kids Is Still School

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data clearly show school-age children die each year in far greater numbers outside those hallways

Brendan Kirby

Didn't You Know Piggyback Rides Aren't Safe for Kids Anymore?

As a new product comes to the 'rescue,' how much further will society go to strip joy and fun out of children's lives?

Kyle Becker

The Obamas to Produce Film and Television Content for Netflix

Former president and first lady have fully embraced their celeb status, will now create shows for the world's leading streaming service

Zachary Leeman

Exclusive: 'Wraith,' a New Horror Film, 'Will Not Insult Your Values'

LifeZette spoke to Michael O. Sajbel, writer-director of a faith-friendly movie that puts viewers on edge — without going over it

Zachary Leeman


Just What Television Needs: Yet Another Show That Targets Trump

Reboot of 'Murphy Brown' is on the way, and a first-look trailer from CBS suggests a politically charged leftist program

Zachary Leeman

Four Vicious Crimes That Explain Trump's 'Animals' Comment

Brendan Kirby
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